SITE PREPARATION: The proposed site for the Wild Child Vertical Garden Project contains eight large trees in various stages of deterioration. These trees will be removed, and new ones planted at the back of the property to reduce the impact of tree removal, such as carbon levels and global warming. Replanting also boosts natural sound reduction, and helps the local wildlife.

Once the trees are removed, the area will be leveled, and any low-lying crevices filled with soil. The ground will have a 5% slope from one end of the greenhouse to the other, and from one end of the vertical food garden and coop area to the other, ensuring that water will drain properly. Anchors for the greenhouse framing will be installed directly into the ground, at the rate of one anchor for each 2-foot length of greenhouse siding.

GREENHOUSE: We chose a Yoderbilt Greenhouse because it is constructed 100% in the United States. Yoderbilt supplies a high-quality and sturdy structure that is reasonably priced, and that gives directly back to the American Economy. Each greenhouse is built and fully inspected for quality and durability. We chose a concrete floor for the greenhouse because it provides structural stability.


· Greenhouses serve as a shield between nature and what is growing.

· Greenhouses allow growing seasons to be extended & improved.

· Greenhouses provide shelter from excess cold or heat and pests.

· The “Greenhouse Effect” is a serious consideration for the environment.

· Greenhouses impede the flow of thermal energy out and keeps it in.