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Wild Child Herb Shop strives to offer products and services that are good for people, plants, and the planet. I use organic practices and sustainable principles to ensure that high quality herbs go into every recipe and to improve the environmental

well-being of the community. 

Wild Child Sustainable
Gardening Practices:

Organic Gardening Practices: No chemicals or synthetics are used in the Wild Child Garden.

Healthy Soil: Worm castings and biodynamic compost are used to maintain nutrient-rich soil.


Cover Crops: are used to build and regenerate the soil during the winter months. Cover crop benefits include erosion prevention, nutrient enrichment, improved soil structure, better moisture retention, weed suppression, and reduced compaction.


Crop Rotation: is used to enhance the soil structure, boost soil fertility, prevent erosion, decrease pollution, prevent the concentration of pests & diseases, reduce weed growth, and increase crop yields.

Native Plants: are chosen because they have persistent stems, leaves, & flowers that remain year-round, reduce runoff, require less water, and prevent soil erosion by increasing the moisture content of the soil.

Composting: is used to reduce air, water, and soil pollution and enhance soil fertility.

Practicing Simplicity: herbs grown in the Wild Child Garden have multiple uses.

Non-GMO: seeds that are planted in the Wild Child Garden are heirloom varieties only.


Hand Harvesting: is used to ensure that plenty of plant material remains to regrow.

Reduce Waste: Wild Child Herb Shop purchases bare root plants so that there is no pot to discard, grows plants from seeds or cuttings, uses less bagged soil, uses coir instead of peat, plants clover and diverse plantings in the lawn, & chooses perennials that have roots in the soil year after year. 

Reduce the Carbon Footprint: Wild Child Herb Shop grows vegetables to increase soil carbon and decrease carbon emissions from grocery store food processing.

Reduce the Environmental Footprint: Wild Child Herb Shop sources locally from sustainable businesses.

Reuse and Repurpose: Wild Child Herb Shop uses recyclable items to start seeds and seedling transplants.

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