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Wild Child Herbal Teas are created from a variety of dried flowers, spices, herbs and fruits. My herbal teas contain little to no caffeine, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The health benefits of drinking herbal tea include relaxation, pain relief, reduction in chronic disease, memory enhancement, improved digestion, and increased immunity.

Flavors available: Puri-tea (Spicy Cinnamon), Low Key Tea (Bergamot & Vanilla), Immuni-tea (Elderberry), Get Some Z's Tea (Mint), Longevi-tea (Rosemary Brain Booster), Sereni-tea (Lavender), and Girly Tea (Hibiscus).


Wild Child Herbal Tea comes in a 3" x 4" bag and yields 18 cups of delicious tea or 1 gallon of herbal tea goodness. The retail price for Wild Child Herbal Tea is $5.00 per bag. 

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