The practice of placing herbs near one’s bedside was originally thought to protect against evil, bring good dreams, and calm bad dreams. Wild Child Herbal Dream Mix is a small bag of healing and relaxing herbs that ease stress, promote healthy sleep, and encourage dreaming. Our unique botanical blend is a combination of fragrant herbs that are pleasant, calming, and relaxing. Place the bag contents in a bowl on the nightstand for a restful night's sleep.

The retail price for Wild Child Herbal Dream Mix is $5 per 6-ounce bag.

Herbs and essential oils are a long-used solution for invading insects. Many commercially sold “citronella” candles don’t work because they are “citronella scented” and contain none of the natural citronella oil needed to keep pests at bay. Wild Child Bug Be Gone candles are an effective blend of herbs, citrus fruits, and essential oils made to fit any backyard décor.


The retail price for Wild Child Bug Be Gone Candle is $6 per 16-ounce jar.

Willow water, made from white willow bark has been used for centuries as a natural root stimulator. Salicylic and Indolebutyric acids found in the willow tree leach into the water and provide beneficial effects for plant cuttings. They help cuttings fight off bacteria, fungi and infections, give them a better chance to survive, and help speed up the rooting process.

The retail price for Wild Child Willow Bark is $5 per 3-ounce bag.

The retail price for Wild Child Root Stimulator is $20 per 32-ounce jar.

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