Oils have long been valued to support healthy skin. Wild Child Herb Shop of Tennessee offers sixteen formulas of herb infused oil including 14 varieties of healing oil, beard oil, and massage oil for neuropathy pain.

Our Rose Hips Oil is especially popular for its skin benefits and terrific aroma!

WILD CHILD BEARD OIL FOR THE MANLY MAN: A nourishing oil that promotes hair growth and smooths the skin.

WILD CHILD “LAVENDER DREAM” OIL: A calming oil that boosts circulation at the skin’s surface and relieves stress.

WILD CHILD “PEPPERMINT & SAGE MAGIC” OIL: An anti-inflammatory oil that eases pain.

WILD CHILD “BALSAM & CITRUS DELIGHT” OIL: A healing and anti-inflammatory oil that aids wound and tissue repair.

WILD CHILD “ROSE & PATCHOULI OIL”: A moisturizing oil that smooths signs of aging and pigmentation, and repairs skin damage.

WILD CHILD "HEADACHE EASE" OIL: A refreshing oil that eases headache pain.

WILD CHILD CALENDULA OIL & ANTI-ITCH OIL: An anti-itch oil with hints of cinnamon and citrus.

WILD CHILD CHAMOMILE OIL & ECZEMA OIL: A relaxing oil that eases anxiety, and reduces dryness of the hair and scalp.

WILD CHILD OREGON GRAPE ROOT OIL: An anti-microbial oil that cools, drains, & detoxifies infection.

WILD CHILD PLANTAIN OIL: A healing oil that eases the swelling, pain, & itch of insect bites and skin injuries.

WILD CHILD HEALING TATTOO OIL: A soothing oil that is great for new tattoos and to retain color and suppleness.

WILD CHILD WARMING MUSCLE OIL: A warming oil that eases muscle aches and pains.

WILD CHILD NEUROPATHY MASSAGE OIL: A relaxing oil with calmative properties to ease neuropathic pain and discomfort.