Wild Child Herbal Balms are an infusion of healing herbs and oils made to ensure that the active ingredient(s) get below the top layer of skin. Wild Child Tattoo Balm is great for new tattoos. It aids in color retention and keeps skin smooth and supple.

Wild Child Herbal Creams are a mixture of melted waxes, oils, and scent-infused water. These simple ingredients are then vigorously mixed together while the mixture is cooled. The result is a luscious cream, perfect for soothing and softening skin. Wild Child Eczema Cream soothes itch and heals red patches.

Wild Child Rubs and Salves are concentrated formulas of nourishing oils and therapeutic herbs that act as a barrier on the skin's surface. Wild Child Herb Shop of Tennessee creates herbal rubs and salves in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Wild Child Warming Muscle Rub penetrates the top layer of skin and absorbs into the muscles and joints. Wild Child Anti-Itch Salve with Calendula takes the discomfort out of insect bites and other irritants. 

Jar , Box, & Bottle Bring Back Program: $1.00 off when the container is returned.

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