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Choose My Plate is a simple and effective meal plan for both managing diabetes and losing weight. Choose My Plate allows selection of the foods desired, but changes the portion sizes so that you are getting larger portions of non-starchy vegetables and a smaller portion of starchy foods. When you are ready, you can try new foods within each food category.


Try these seven steps to get started:

  • Using your dinner plate, put a line down the middle of the plate.

  • Then on one side, cut it again so you will have three sections on your plate.

  • Fill the largest section with non-starchy vegetables.

  • Now in one of the small sections, put grains and starchy foods.

  • And then in the other small section, put your protein.

  • Add a serving of fruit and/or a serving of dairy, in accordance with your specific meal plan.

  • Choose healthy oils in small amounts.

  • To complete your meal, add a low calorie drink such as water, unsweetened tea or coffee.

Choose My Plate